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From Alfredas Chmieliauskas <>
Subject RE: Is Cocoon unstable?
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 11:41:48 GMT

I had a similar experience of cocoon2.0.1 site (development) going down
every couple of days. However, that was a real memory leak related to
xindice and XMLDBSource. The method I used to track down the leak was
simple: web stress tool + java profiler.
The tools I used were: 
1) Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool ( of the better MS products ;-)
2) JProbe Suite (trial version)
...includes memory debugger, thread analyzer - basically all you'll ever

I hope this helps,

-----Original Message-----
From: Justin Fagnani-Bell
Sent: 8/8/2002 1:11 AM
Subject: Re: Is Cocoon unstable?

I have a site running on Cocoon 2.0.1 that needs restarting every couple

of days or it gets real slow. I seems like a memory leak, but the log 
files show plenty of memory available to the JVM. This doesn't even get 
that much traffic. If I don't restart Tomcat, eventually the site will 

I figure it could easily be my code (custom generators and actions), but

I can't find anything. I'm currently rewriting the entire system with 
optimizations based on my experience, so I haven't spent much time 
trying to figure out what the problem is on the old codebase. Once I'm 
done rewriting though, I'll need to revisit this. Avalon and CoP are new

to me and I wonder if I'm missing something in a recycle() somewhere, 
but I've checked and can't find anything. I often times see (in the 
logs) components getting initialized many times, even though I though I 
thought I set up cocoon.xconf to only create one instance. Probably my 

My biggest question is: How should I test a Cocoon deployment for memory

leaks? I've never used jdb, and only used a comercial java profiler 
once. What else could be causing slow-downs if the JVM free memory seems

ok? How do other people test their Cocoon apps?


On Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 10:39 AM, Michael Wechner wrote:

> I have a friend (Thomas Werschlein: and he is

> using 2.0.3 since Sunday
> in production for a swiss magazine, and he told me just today that he 
> has to reboot the system
> approx every hour, because there seems to be a memory leak.
> He probably better speaks for himself. But just to let you know,
> Michael
> Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>> Looking at the last great threads, I noticed many messages
>> complaining that Cocoon is not stable, even from some
>> developers.
>> Is this really true? Is Cocoon not stable (and I mean
>> 2.0.3 of course) ?
>> Our experience with several productive installations currently
>> proves the opposite. It's stable and did never crash or
>> had to be restarted since months. I must confess that we
>> are using a version between 2.0 and 2.0.1.
>> And if 2.0.3 is really that unstable, we should immediately
>> fix this and find out what has changed since 2.0.1 which causes this!
>> So, constructive reports about unstable conditions are welcome.
>> Carsten

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