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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 21:49:47 GMT
On 8/13/02 3:09 AM, "Ross Gardler" <> wrote:

> Marc Portier wrote:
>> mmm, to be really honnest: I was even thinking about separate tomcat
>> instances, to make sure apps could be (completely) restarted independant of
>> each other
>> so we end up talking about a cocoon-app-unit of deployment?
>> (and a deployment interface)
>> haven't been around long enough, but I was told this has been an on and off
>> issue?
>> maybe this case gets the itch-level high enough?
>> on the other hand: maybe this is a simpel/pragmatic approach:
>> - apps are put in jars, in the jar sits a subsitemap and all other stuff
>> needed (maybe in predefined COCOON-INF subdirs)
>> - little process (web trigger?) knows about how to unpack it, and deploy it
>> - probably using /app/ as an automount or something
>> there is an issue of overwriting /WEB-INF/ (so cross-app-space) classes and
>> libs, no?
>> guess we'll just need to manage this (by hand or discipline I mean), right?
>> Maybe it could be (partially) done by means of the cocoon-apps cvs repo?
>> as for the different versions of cocoon that will need to be separate wars,
>> so we'll end up with some
>> http://[cocoon-app-site].org/cocoon-[versioncode]/app/[appname]/**
> This really does make me think we need individual servers, linked
> through a web-ring, with a central point for reference. The server I am
> offering is *way* below suitable spec and is not the best connected
> machine in the world. It will handle a moderate amount of trafic, but a
> couple of very succesful apps could make it grind to a halt!

Well, the problem is complicated, but I think we can start with simple
things, without worrying about solving the whole problem initially.

We can assume that everybody runs on the same common version of Cocoon, and
we have a single Cocoon version running on a single Tomcat instance. This
should satisfy the simple needs, and we can seek solutions for the more
complex problems as we move along.

The Web ring is the other option which we should consider, and fortunately
that's something we can start running right away.

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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