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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 21:39:16 GMT
On 8/12/02 11:18 PM, "David Crossley" <> wrote:

> David Crossley wrote:
>> Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>>> Ivelin Ivanov wrote:
>>>> How about a web ring?
>>> Yes, a Web ring is definitely a good idea.
>>>> I am about to host a coon apps site myself.
>>>> Since we all might be running on different versions and with different
>>>> ideas
>>>> about our applications, maybe a loosely connected structure is better.
>>>> Send me your URLs, I'll link from my web site.
>>>> You can link to mine too:
>>> Actually we should have something better than this, so that everybody in the
>>> Web ring is able to see the participants without the link management hassle.
>> We could just modify the existing xdocs/link/hosting.xml
>> We certainly do not want to manage two documents.
> Sorry.
> On second thought, we actually do need two separate docs.
> "Cocoon Hosting" the existing one, is for organisations
> offering application infrastructure services to run your
> own Cocoon server. The Web Ring idea is specifically for
> fostering a Cocoon Apps developer community. Am i right?

Yes, that's right!

IMO the file does not have to be written in xdocs, we can use instead a
simple XML format to point to the RSS feeds, which have all the relevant
information. I use a similar idea on my Weblog to aggregate RSS feeds, check
out how it's done at:

> The "put an xml doc in CVS" idea is still relevant.

Yes, the CVS idea is good, although a nicer URL which doesn't depend on the
location of the file in the CVS repository might be better. We can probably
use mod_rewrite on the server side to do the redirection to the real URL, or
we can have a simple cron job which generates the file at the nicer location
in the Web server.

>> The problem with this solution is that Cocoon website is
>> still irregularly updated manually, until Forrest.
>>> We can put the sites participating in the Web ring in an XML file on a
>>> central site. All the participants can then fetch this file every once in a
>>> while, and generate the HTML version of it. Very similar with the RSS stuff
>>> in Weblogs.
>> Great idea. Is it sufficient to just get the file from CVSview?
>> GET 
>> ocs/link/hosting.xml?rev=HEAD&content-type=text/xml
>> There is probably a better solution down the track, with
>> Forrest generating it for them.
>> Do we need a table in the hosting.xml that summarises them?
>> --David

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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