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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 05:11:34 GMT
On 8/12/02 5:15 AM, "Marc Portier" <> wrote:

>> Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>>> EUR CVS repository. Some developers might already have their own CVS
>>> repositories, perhaps at SF, but others may choose to have it
>> hosted here.
>> I don't think the actual localtion of the CVS is particularly important
>> as long as there is a central place to find out about the projects.
> +1
> most of this (mail lists et al.) can be organized at various places
> the real difference would be in some kind of cocoon in ASP setup where the
> different projects can be ran in their own cocoon environment: showcase
> running apps before people get it from scratchpad of examples would be the
> differentiator (and the hardest work: different cocoon versions possibly
> different tomcat combinations...)
> that and the central website that talks about them.

Yes, Marc, these are the core two things we need to capture.

All projects hosted on the site should look similarly, check out
to see what I'm talking about:

The second is how to manage the complexity of having multiple Cocoon
versions (I think we can ignore the servlet container difference for the
moment, that should not be taken into account IMO). We can have each example
app deployed in its own war file, but with today's Cocoon runtime memory
size and twenty different applications, 2Gb or RAM will be soon

>>> How do people publish their content?
>> Forrest is getting closer to making the automatic updating of content
>> from CVS repositories.
> forrestbot is running since euh.. week or 2
> it's probably not the last incarnation of the thing, so there could be
> changes in the future, but it's running very stable over at our server to
> produce (actually also runs for
> with different content and skin)

Forrest can take care of publishing static documentation, but how about
deploying new functionality in an application? Especially those whose data
source is stored on the live system. I was arguing that we need a staging
area for such things, where people can actually test the application before
pushing it on the live site.

>>> It would be great if
>>> we can get some thoughts on what we need here.
>> I think the whole question of how and when things are published need to
>> be handled by Forrest. Perhaps people more active than I can comment on
>> how this would work.
> see
> I can easily give a hand on setting up the forrestbot conf for different
> projects

Got it, thanks!

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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