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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 04:32:47 GMT
On 8/12/02 1:05 AM, "Ross Gardler" <> wrote:

> Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>> EUR CVS repository. Some developers might already have their own CVS
>> repositories, perhaps at SF, but others may choose to have it hosted here.
> I don't think the actual localtion of the CVS is particularly important
> as long as there is a central place to find out about the projects.
> However, a single domain name for the projects presents a feeling of
> coherence to the community as a whole.

As I said, I don't think this is important, especially if we have a common
apps repository hosted at Apache.

>> EUR mailing lists and Web archives for them. Perhaps a better approach is to
>> have common mailing lists for all the applications (separated for users and
>> developer), so we can maintain a closer community. Should we reuse instead
>> Apache's mailing lists?
> The more we can stay within the Apache domain the better. The Apache
> name carries a good deal of respect in Industry.

I agree.

>> EUR Web site presence. I think we need to have a combination of static pages
>> with dynamic ones, to show off examples and so on.
> It certainly needs to be Cocoon hosted!

One issue I see, as somebody else noted as well, is that different examples
will need possibly different versions of Cocoon. We need to manage this
complexity somehow.

> [...]
>> Do they have access to a
>> staging area to test their site, and then publish it?
> I would say that the "staging" area is the developers own
> responsability. Once it is in CVS it is considered publishable. Would
> this mean maintaining a permanent branch for development work, keeping
> the main branch for approved bug fixes only? Or possibly the other way
> around, that is have a "release" branch for Forrest to publish from and
> leave HEAD as the development code?

One thing which becomes difficult in the presence of dynamic data, is that
is hard to test Web apps on a different machine without access to the data
sources (databases etc.). That's why I think providing a separate staging
area on the same server would be neat.

>> It would be great if
>> we can get some thoughts on what we need here.
> I think the whole question of how and when things are published need to
> be handled by Forrest. Perhaps people more active than I can comment on
> how this would work.

Yes, it looks like Forrest would be the right thing.

>> The last bullet seems to be the biggest item. It would be great if we can
>> come up with some more requirements on what it takes to have Web presence
>> for these applications, and then sketch out an implementation in Cocoon for
>> it.
> I would like to know how many people actually have applications that can
> be put into this environment. I for one am making noise about this but
> don;t __have__ anything to put in there yet. I intend to have something
> but that is __very__ different as you all know ;-) So lets also start a
> list of the real, working (even if only alpha) apps we have:
> * BringMeThis - 
> - Andrew C.
> Oliver

I'm also working on a documentation system allowing user feedback. However
this should probably be placed under Forrest when is finished, I'm not sure.

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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