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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 04:19:05 GMT
On 8/11/02 11:37 AM, "Ross Gardler" <> wrote:

> Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>> Steven,
>> I'm offering this site to host the Cocoon web site you're talking about, as
>> it shares the same vision I had when I started it. We have 1Gb of hard-disk
>> space available and 10Gb of transfer monthly, which should be plenty for the
>> time being. Unfortunately we have only 1 shell account available, but I
>> think we can increase that to three accounts with little additional cost,
>> which can then be shared among us.
>> I already have a CVS repository setup for multiple developers, we can create
>> mailing lists and setup a Cocoon hosting environment for Cocoon apps.
>> Please let me know if this is something which might interest you.
> I have already contacted Steven privately offering hosting facilites on
> my own server, nothing particularly major but it is fairly well
> connected here in the UK and will handle a moderate amount of traffic
> without problems. Looks like we can start offering mirrors straight
> away, if only we had something to mirror!

This is great news!

Is this a Unix/Linux box? Can we get shell access to it (over SSH

> There are (theoretically) no limits to what we can do with this server
> as at present it only hosts a dozen static sites. There is plenty of
> available bandwidth, disk space and processor time available.

All right, this is great! Do we need to share the costs of this hosting?

> I am extremely busy for a couple of months but am monitoring this
> discussion with great interest as I was planning on doing something
> similar once my current work is finished. If there is anything I can do
> before becoming fully involved just let me know (this includes setting
> up any facilities required on the server).

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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