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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Cocoon apps Web site hosting
Date Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:19:33 GMT
I think what we need to come up with is a general structure for the projects
hosted. What exactly do we want to offer? This is the list I can think of so

€ CVS repository. Some developers might already have their own CVS
repositories, perhaps at SF, but others may choose to have it hosted here.

€ mailing lists and Web archives for them. Perhaps a better approach is to
have common mailing lists for all the applications (separated for users and
developer), so we can maintain a closer community. Should we reuse instead
Apache's mailing lists?

€ Web site presence. I think we need to have a combination of static pages
with dynamic ones, to show off examples and so on. For the Web site, I think
we need to maintain a common look and feel, just like Mozilla has for their
applications. How do people publish their content? Do they have access to a
staging area to test their site, and then publish it? It would be great if
we can get some thoughts on what we need here.

The last bullet seems to be the biggest item. It would be great if we can
come up with some more requirements on what it takes to have Web presence
for these applications, and then sketch out an implementation in Cocoon for

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

On 8/11/02 10:32 AM, "Andrew C. Oliver" <> wrote:

> How can I help?  
> -Andy
> Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>> Steven,
>> I've already paid money to get an account to an ISP for exactly this type of
>> setup. At that time I was talking to other cocoon developers about setting
>> up such a site to showcase Cocoon. Unfortunately, none of us had sufficient
>> spare energy to pull this out and to start working on it. At the moment it
>> hosts only the Weblogs of myself and Jeff Turner, and Berin's and us email
>> accounts, but it will soon host the Anteater Web site as well.
>> The vision of this is to have a loosely coupled group of developers, which
>> have similar interests and work on similar projects, to share the same
>> resources. Long term, I'd like us to become a center of expertise for other
>> companies to hire us, either individually or as a group, to provide support
>> and custom enhancements to these projects.
>> I'm offering this site to host the Cocoon web site you're talking about, as
>> it shares the same vision I had when I started it. We have 1Gb of hard-disk
>> space available and 10Gb of transfer monthly, which should be plenty for the
>> time being. Unfortunately we have only 1 shell account available, but I
>> think we can increase that to three accounts with little additional cost,
>> which can then be shared among us.
>> I already have a CVS repository setup for multiple developers, we can create
>> mailing lists and setup a Cocoon hosting environment for Cocoon apps.
>> Please let me know if this is something which might interest you.
>> Regards,

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