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From Michael Homeijer <>
Subject RE: Writing a DigesterTransformer
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 09:16:37 GMT


I finished a first version of a DigesterTransformer (see It maps an XML stream to
Java classes and uses rules for this specified in an XML document.

Our use for it is to connect our user interface to a business model built in
EJB's. It's an alternative for Castor unmarshall (the current Castor
transformer only marshalls data to XML), and we will try to use the digester
to update java classes which wouldn't be possible using Castor (only

- Output status or error messages in resulting XML document, currently
there's no output.
- Have a configurable command class that is executed when the digester is
finished. Here the java classes can be persisted or validated by business
rules or something.

As it's my first transformer, maybe someone can do a visible check if I am
on the right track?

Michael Homeijer

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From: Michael Homeijer
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Sent: 21-8-2002 12:15 
Subject: Writing a DigesterTransformer


I am trying to find out what it takes to write a DigesterTransformer.
It uses the jakarta commons Digester to transform xml to java beans.

Has anybody tried something similar before? It seems the parse method on
digester cannot be intregrated directly into cocoon. Ideas on the
are welcome.


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