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From Justin <>
Subject Re: OS Cocoon Web Applications
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:54:29 GMT

On Wednesday, July 31, 2002, at 02:58 AM, Luke Hubbard wrote:

> Thanks for the positive feedback,
>>> However I'm not sure if cocoon-dev is the right place for their 
>>> discussion and development.
>>> I think we should make the distinction between core development and 
>>> development of
>>> supplementary applications, additional logic sheets, etc.
>> I agree here too, but didn't know where else to start the 
>> conversation. This kind of development could be considered a 'use' of 
>> cocoon and therefore should be discussed on cocoon-users, but maybe a 
>> cocoon-apps list or something like that would be better.
> I agree, maybe we should set up a cocoon-apps project at source forge 
> with Cocoon Web Mail as its first app.
> That way we can have a cocoon-apps mailing list and cvs within days. 
> When the project matures we could ask the cocoon team if they would be 
> interested in making it a sub-project of cocoon.

It seems others are thinking along the same lines (ie. the Cocoon 
Organization thread), and I'd rather start this off as a Cocoon 
subproject. I just don't know how long it would take to get that setup.

>>> However I would love help with development of open source 
>>> applications for cocoon.
>> Want to work on Cocoon WebMail?
> Sure.
> I have recently been working with Avalon and Excalibur,
> have you thought about using them as a base and building the app using 
> components.
> This would fit nicely with cocoon as it uses the framework.

Conal and I have been discussing how best to do this, and it'd be great 
to hear your ideas, especially since my only exposure to Avalon is 
through Cocoon. We've been looking at the different levels this could be 
implemented at (Generator, Source, XMLizer,...).So far Conal has a 
RFC822->XML Source written, and I've got a simple SendMailAction and 

>> Justin
> Luke Hubbard
> Developer


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