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From Robert Leftwich <>
Subject RE: Novel persistence approach and Cocoon
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 21:33:46 GMT
At 10:44 PM 30/08/2002, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

>I don't understand exactly what you mean - you could (easily) write
>a transformer interacting with business objects managed by a
>a prevalent system. For example for reading
><read businessObject="identifer for the object">
>    <name>
>    <street>
>This is interpreted by the transformer into something like:
>   object o = getBusinessObject("identifier for the object">
>   o.getName();
>   o.getStreet();
>And the results are inserted into the SAX stream.
>And the way back could look like this:
><write businessObject="identifer for the object">
>    <name>some name</name>
>    <street>and a street</street>
>Is this the way you mean?

No, probably because I hadn't seen a tie-in at the transformer level to 
business objects before - I've only ever seen XSP used to access bo's and 
at this point I am staying away from XSP (but as I said my knowledge of 
Cocoon internals is minimal at this point in time).
The main reason I hadn't thought along these lines is that I am taking a 
more document-centric rather than data-centric view and as such I want to 
persist things as xml documents rather than 1 or more bo's.
Further to using the SourceWritingTransformer as a starting point, it 
appears to be a write-only solution, requiring a separate generator to do 
the reading. Maybe I am missing something important here but I think what I 
am looking for is a non-stream based read/write component that can act as 
both a generator and write-able transformer as does FileSource. Is there a 
sample of such a beast or am I on the wrong track ?


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