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From Pierre-Alexandre Losson <>
Subject Re: Cocoon - web environment coupling ?
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2002 07:17:28 GMT
> But since to set up Cocoon correctly you have to perform some steps that 
> are not so easy to remember, very recently we have been thinking of 
> creating a that would make the embedded usage in Cocoon 
> easier.
> Basially what you need is this Bean; you can do it quite easily from 
>, and it would be well accepted as a contribution to Cocoon :-D 
> <hint hint - nudge nudge> ;-)

I'll gladly investigate and implement this than. It'll clearly take me 
less time than reimplementing what Cocoon already does very well ;)

> If you have /any/ question regarding this, feel free to ask :-)

My first question is the following : Cocoon has been built with the web 
in mind i suppose (historically anyway), an in that aspect is built 
around a 1 entry ---> 1 output paradigm.

Do you think it would be easy, or stated differently, what could be the 
problematics of using Cocoon in a  n input ---> n output system (xml 
pipeline architecture where a pipeline is not a 1->1)
I suppose one can always transform a n->n transformation to multiple 1 
to 1 of course but I just wanted to get your opinion on this.



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