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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: HackBlock refactor update: is this ok?
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 07:55:36 GMT
Stephan Michels wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
>>I've decided to call the "modules" blocks, since many *are* blocks.
>>Fop, Batik, etc are all blocks.
>>For now they are HackBlocks ;-) because they don't yet have a final
>>The flowmap IMNSHO is not, so for now I'll leave it where it is.
>>Now, I have done some experimentations with the dirs and the files.
>>Example of the Fop block:
>>  xml-cocoon2/src/blocks/java/org/apache/cocoon/serialization/FopSerializer
>>in the Gump descriptor, which I want to move to Cocoon CVS, there is an
>>entry for each block, stating dependencies in forms of jars and other
>>There is a property file that says if a block should be compiled.
>>Ant generates a build file that resolves the dependencies, builds the
>>blocks one by one, and adds the xmap with the ant tool to the webapp.
>>The samples in this way are still in webapp, and also the documentation.
>>What do you think?
>>Anything wrong? Anything missing?
> I would also move the samples into the blocks dirs, like
>  xml-cocoon2/src/blocks/fop/samples/samples.xml
> I think this will be easier to exclude or include complete 'blocks'.
> Excluding blocks will be an important thing for a minimal webapp target.

If I put the samples here, the link would still be broken in the webapp, 
and moreover the block would depend for the samples on the sample webapp 
as a container... hmmm, I don't like it much...

I don't see it as a big problem to keep the samples in webapp for the 
moment, when we get right the block mounting with the block 
pseudo-protocol we mught move them in the blocks... no?

> And do you really need a separate conf dir?

I had the same feeling :-)

I would put all configuration in xml-cocoon2/src/blocks/fop/ directly, no?

> But go for it, I will try to help you ;-)


Please be patient a bit more.
As soon as I commit the first working block, we can split our workload :-)

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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