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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon-apps] Current status recap
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 02:14:04 GMT

Morrison, John wrote:

>>From: Nicola Ken Barozzi []
>>Morrison, John wrote:


>>>> Wyona? - ? - please give me more info
>>>I'm unsure as to why Wyona would wish to be here - it already
>>>has it's own site... unless it's looking for a cvs repro which
>>>is tighter connected to the Cocoon project...
>>1. Cooperation with the ongoing Slide-Cocoon.
>>2. Increased visibility
>>3. Cocoon community help

We would certainly like that very much

> fair enough :)
>>4. Donation to Apache? :-)
> You (and I) wish ;)

We don't mind donating our stuff at all, but what does it actually
mean. I guess the copyright would belong to Apache, but that
wouldn't be a problem, because what is it good for, if we don't
want to make any money with the code itself (at least I don't).

But what about loosing "our identity": The name, the domain, the 
graphical design of the website, etc. ... the spirit(!)?

AxKit is currently making the transition to Apache. Maybe they know.
Or can you help me to clarify that a little bit?

The name "Wyona" would certainly fit to Apache, because as
I was told is Wyona originally a "Native American" name, but
I was never able to verify that.

Anyway, I really appreciate that you consider Wyona becoming
part of Apache.



>>>> WikiLand? - ? - please give me more info
>>>Apart from this being a wiki implemented using C2 - I don't
>>>know much more :(
>>Yeah, the point is, would the author agree to make it part of 
> I believe so - I remember threads that definately indicated that
> he would.
> J.
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