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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: BUG: SiteMapSource lastModificationDate
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 17:53:11 GMT
Amir Rosen wrote:

>lastModificationDate for SiteMapSource is computed as hashing of the 
>string representations (toString()) of the event pipeline cache key 
>and validity. (I'm talking 2.0.3-branch)
>This breaks all the CacheValidity functionality when using internal
>This implies that:
>Any non trivial cacheValidity object cann't work with this mechanism.
>For example DeltaTimeCacheValidity doesn't work in internal requests.
>(ParametersCacheValidity may work but it relies on the toString()
>implementation of java.util.Map)
>More than that, this contract is not documented anywhere, at least not
>in CacheValidity interface where it should. (I wasted two days debugging
>my system because of that).

It was documented in todo.xml.

>How do you think this mechanism can change ?
>Is there something planned for 2.1 ?

That's was one of the reasons for 2.1


>Please, document this !!
>Amir Rosen
>CTI Squared
>+972-9-9605200 (258)

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