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From Nicola Ken Barozzi <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Cocoon-apps CVS module
Date Tue, 13 Aug 2002 17:38:26 GMT
Thanks to Andy and John for coming in :-)

Morrison, John wrote:
>>From: Sam Ruby []
> Hi Sam :)
> Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

>> >
>> > This is exactly the same kind of thing we want to do.  Jon Stevens
>> > even said it was okay when I questioned if it was legitimate for
>> > lucene to do it ;-)
>>It is also OK for cocoon to do it.
>>This is all very straightforward.  All that is needed is the 
>>name of the 
>>cvs module (xml-cocoon-apps, perhaps?), 
> I think it was agreed xml-cocoon-apps yes :) (+1)

Yes +1

>>where you would like the cvs 
>>commit messages to go (xml-cocoon-cvs?), and who should be 
> xml-cocoon-cvs is my favourite (+1),
> xml-cocoon-apps-cvs is the only other I can think of,

Till we have a single dev mailing list, we will have a single cvs 
mailing list, as John says.

>>granted karma 
>>(either by name or rule).
> Initially, everyone with xml-cocoon2 access I think.


And then by vote on the the cocoon-dev list, by clearly stating if the 
vote is for full cocoon karma (both CVSes) or only to the 
cocoon-apps-cvs one.

>>Subprojects are free to adapt the bylaws as appropriate for 
>>their needs. 
>>  All I would request is that they are clear, posted, and auditable 
>>(e.g., votes are done on the mailing list).

Here is a rewrite, anyone please modify it where important.
Then we will vote on it specifically, and then ask the pmc for the CVS 
module and notify of the ratified addendum.

An important NOTE:

Reading the following mail it is quite evident that we should use a CVS 
module with access to the documentation team.
IIRC it can be set up to link to the xml-cocoon rep, which means that we 
can set up permissions for the xdocs dir to our documenters... is it 


   * Xml.Apache Cocoon Sub-project bylaws addendum *

The Cocoon community has decided to nurture child communities within the 
Cocoon sub-project.

These child communities have a more specific and narrow focus, and have 
non-specific access to only a subset of the Cocoon Sub-project resources.

Committers on the father Cocoon Sub-project have automatic full access 
to all the Cocoon Sub-project resources.

Child Communities
Currently the Cocoon Sub-project has two child communities, with the 
following goals, resource usage scope, and reference mailing list :

  Community: cocoon-docs

    Create, organize and maintain the documentation
    of the Cocoon Sub-project

    Specific Resources
    cocoon-docs mailing list, bugzilla, xml-cocoon CVS access.

    Reference mailing list

  Community: cocoon-apps

    Create, organize and maintain applications based on

    Specific Resources
    xml-cocoon-apps CVS access

    Reference mailing list

The Xml.Apache Cocoon Sub-project has the following CVS repositories:

  - xml-cocoon2

    The repository containing the Cocoon program source code

  - xml-cocoon-apps

    The repository containing the applications managed by the
    cocoon-apps child comminuty

NOTE xml-cocoon is the 1.x branch repository, kept only for history

Nicola Ken Barozzi         
             - verba volant, scripta manent -
    (discussions get forgotten, just code remains)

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