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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Inclusion of CocoBlog in scratchpad
Date Thu, 08 Aug 2002 01:52:06 GMT
Dear Ugo

I am not a committer, but maybe you can appreciate my opinion anyway

Ugo Cei wrote:

> I'd like to propose the inclusion of my blogging tool, CocoBlog, in 
> the scratchpad of Cocoon 2.1. 

I think it is very good that Cocoon is shipping examples, but I also 
think that it is very
important to distinguish between an example and an "application" (or a 
framework based on an application server or another framework).
Which means I would prefer a similar approach as Zope is doing. On one 
hand you have "Zope the application server" and on the other hand you 
have "Zope products".

To me a Blogging Tool such as CocoBlog is an application, or actually 
rather a specific type
of "publication" based on a "content management framework" based on an 
server". In the case of "Zope world" you could take the following example:

  Zope CMF
   Zope Application Framework

In the case of  "Cocoon world" you could take

CocoBlog    ("blogging Publication")
Wyona/Slide ("Content Management Framework")
Cocoon ("Application Server/Framework")

or if you have a portal application:

  Specific Portal Solution

I am not saying this because I am working on Wyona and see CocoBlog as
a competitor. I am saying this because to me Cocoon is still in a 
process, which Zope already passed kind of and passed it very well in my

I deeply believe in Cocoon because of it's great ideas, clean 
architecture and
great community, but to make all this great stuff come through this is 
not enough.

Concerning CocoBlog and Wyona I would very much
like to join forces and collaborate.

Wyona already supports:

-Access Controlling
-Revision Controlling (Multiple users working on the same publication)
-Multiple Publications within one Cocoon instance
-Scheduler (well, two more weeks)
-Beside a generic HTML Form Editor, Wyona is already connected
  to other Editors such as Xopus2, Bitflux, EditOnPro.
-Resource/Content Creators
-Nice Editor (Authoring) interface
-Not so nice/advanced Administrator interface
-Workflow Manager (remains to be refactored)
-Dispatcher/Notifyer Pattern (remains to be refactored)

Some time ago we started a Blogging/DiscussionForum publication very
similar to Slash. I wouldn't mind at all throwing it out and featuring
CocoBlog based on Wyona.

But I can certainly understand if you want to go your way.

All the best


> CocoBlog is a Cocoon-based blogging tool that I am currently using to 
> maintain my own blog at
> The current "stable" version (0.0.6) is distributed as a complete web 
> application (WAR) that includes Cocoon 2.0.3 and uses Xindice as a 
> document repository.
> I've recently begun rewriting it in order to reach the following 
> objectives:
> - move to C2.1
> - move from Xindice to HSQLDB
> - support multiple blogs and multiple authors
> - exploit the authentication framework
> Rewriting has proceeded to the point of having the minimum of features 
> needed to create blogs, post and read items, and provide an RSS feed. 
> More features (authentication, calendar, searching) will come in the 
> following days.
> I hope CocoBlog can provide:
> - a demostration of Cocoon's capabilities
> - an effective tool for Cocoon developers to document what they're doing
> Many Cocoon and Apache developers and users already have blogs: 
> Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler, Sam Ruby, Tony Collen, Bob 
> Phillips, Kimbro Staken, Gerhard Froelich, James Strachan, Ovidiu 
> Predescu, Ivelin Ivanov, James Snell, just to name a few. I think some 
> of them might like the idea of eating their own dog food ;-).
> What is CocoBlog made of? A generator, an action, a subsitemap with 
> some XSP and XSL files, a couple of HSQLDB tables. The impact on the 
> stability of C2.1 should be nil.
> Let me know what you think. I'm leaving for my summer holidays from 
> August 15th to September 3rd, and I'd like to send someone the 
> necessary files before I leave.
>     Ugo
> P.S.: I've cc-ed forrest-dev. Maybe a blog might be useful for 
> forrest, maybe not.

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