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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: Proposal: Inclusion of CocoBlog in scratchpad
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2002 21:21:03 GMT

I agree with Michael that we should keep Cocoblog as a standalone
application, not only an example for Cocoon. I would very much like to use
Cocoblog as my Weblog tool instead or MovableType, and I think we should
start a concerted effort to make this happen. I've taken a look at Cocoblog,
and I have my own ideas on what would make a good Weblog tool, so I think we
should definitely start talking about it.

Setting up a separate project, either at Apache or Sourceforge, seems to me
like the best option for now.


On 8/7/02 6:52 PM, "Michael Wechner" <> wrote:

> Dear Ugo
> I am not a committer, but maybe you can appreciate my opinion anyway
> Ugo Cei wrote:
>> I'd like to propose the inclusion of my blogging tool, CocoBlog, in
>> the scratchpad of Cocoon 2.1.
> I think it is very good that Cocoon is shipping examples, but I also
> think that it is very
> important to distinguish between an example and an "application" (or a
> framework based on an application server or another framework).
> Which means I would prefer a similar approach as Zope is doing. On one
> hand you have "Zope the application server" and on the other hand you
> have "Zope products".
> To me a Blogging Tool such as CocoBlog is an application, or actually
> rather a specific type
> of "publication" based on a "content management framework" based on an
> "application
> server". In the case of "Zope world" you could take the following example:
> Plone
>     |
> Zope CMF
>     |
>  Zope Application Framework
> In the case of  "Cocoon world" you could take
> CocoBlog    ("blogging Publication")
>     |
> Wyona/Slide ("Content Management Framework")
>     |
> Cocoon ("Application Server/Framework")
> or if you have a portal application:
> Specific Portal Solution
>      |
> Sunspot
>      |
> Cocoon
> I am not saying this because I am working on Wyona and see CocoBlog as
> a competitor. I am saying this because to me Cocoon is still in a
> evolutionary
> process, which Zope already passed kind of and passed it very well in my
> opinion.
> I deeply believe in Cocoon because of it's great ideas, clean
> architecture and
> great community, but to make all this great stuff come through this is
> not enough.
> Concerning CocoBlog and Wyona I would very much
> like to join forces and collaborate.
> Wyona already supports:
> -Access Controlling
> -Revision Controlling (Multiple users working on the same publication)
> -Multiple Publications within one Cocoon instance
> -Scheduler (well, two more weeks)
> -Beside a generic HTML Form Editor, Wyona is already connected
> to other Editors such as Xopus2, Bitflux, EditOnPro.
> -Resource/Content Creators
> -Publisher/Replicator
> -Nice Editor (Authoring) interface
> -Not so nice/advanced Administrator interface
> -Workflow Manager (remains to be refactored)
> -Dispatcher/Notifyer Pattern (remains to be refactored)
> Some time ago we started a Blogging/DiscussionForum publication very
> similar to Slash. I wouldn't mind at all throwing it out and featuring
> CocoBlog based on Wyona.
> But I can certainly understand if you want to go your way.
> All the best
> Michael
>> CocoBlog is a Cocoon-based blogging tool that I am currently using to
>> maintain my own blog at
>> The current "stable" version (0.0.6) is distributed as a complete web
>> application (WAR) that includes Cocoon 2.0.3 and uses Xindice as a
>> document repository.
>> I've recently begun rewriting it in order to reach the following
>> objectives:
>> - move to C2.1
>> - move from Xindice to HSQLDB
>> - support multiple blogs and multiple authors
>> - exploit the authentication framework
>> Rewriting has proceeded to the point of having the minimum of features
>> needed to create blogs, post and read items, and provide an RSS feed.
>> More features (authentication, calendar, searching) will come in the
>> following days.
>> I hope CocoBlog can provide:
>> - a demostration of Cocoon's capabilities
>> - an effective tool for Cocoon developers to document what they're doing
>> Many Cocoon and Apache developers and users already have blogs:
>> Matthew Langham, Carsten Ziegeler, Sam Ruby, Tony Collen, Bob
>> Phillips, Kimbro Staken, Gerhard Froelich, James Strachan, Ovidiu
>> Predescu, Ivelin Ivanov, James Snell, just to name a few. I think some
>> of them might like the idea of eating their own dog food ;-).
>> What is CocoBlog made of? A generator, an action, a subsitemap with
>> some XSP and XSL files, a couple of HSQLDB tables. The impact on the
>> stability of C2.1 should be nil.
>> Let me know what you think. I'm leaving for my summer holidays from
>> August 15th to September 3rd, and I'd like to send someone the
>> necessary files before I leave.
>>     Ugo
>> P.S.: I've cc-ed forrest-dev. Maybe a blog might be useful for
>> forrest, maybe not.

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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