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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Thanks for fixing JARs in HEAD
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2002 20:06:01 GMT
> > No offense, Vadim!! ...but just rolling back will not make us move
> forward.
> :)
> :
> > Other bugs are now back as well. I have invested some time upgrading
> to get
> > some bugs fixed.
> /me puzzled
> What was the issue with old xerces?

they shipped their 2.0 version with a broken AttributesImpl. Which is very 
annoying because for some of our transformers I had to replace it against a 
fixed one. Someone stated there were some more ugly bugs that already got 
fixed in CVS and asked me to use the CVS version.

> > Obviously other (major) bugs were introduced. Sorry for that
> > - but the examples were working fine for me.
> Huh? For everybody else (me included) they were returning empty pages!

I tried with tomcat 4.1.x and resin 2.1.x on windows and linux :-/

> > I'd really like to have a newer xerces within HEAD. So I suggest
> tracking down
> > the problem(s) should be the way to go...
> I'm not sure were the problem was, it might be xalan. But, OTOH, I'm
> using only saxon here (it was real "enabling technology" for me, 2-3
> times better performance), and fixed some issues with it already
> (including xpath support),

haven't yet tried saxon... maybe should.
but my focus was actually xerces.

> and I'm sorry, I don't have enough bandwidth
> to tackle xerces/xalan issues.

:-/ same here...

...and it's frustrating to see the time I have already invested wasn't enough.

> > Of course I will help as good as I can..
> You can find out what's the problem with xerces/xalan was. And, when all
> samples are working, nobody will object if you upgrade them.

> PS Why don't wait for the next release instead of using CVS versions?

see above...

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