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From Jeremy Aston <>
Subject Re: SWF generator and serializer
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 16:08:03 GMT

I did try removing the HTML and Movie <font> elements but to no effect.  I tried removing
one then the other and then both.  Is this what you meant or is there something else I should
try?  If not then I'll hit bugzilla.
  Torsten Curdt <> wrote: On Thursday 01 August 2002 17:39, Jeremy Aston
> Hi Torsten,
> Do you have any news on the embedded font problem raised a few days ago as
> I have noted it with Win 2000, C2.1 Head, TC 4.0.4le, JDK 1.4, Flash 6, IE
> 5.5 and NS 6? I am happy to do some more research if you are not able to
> look at the problem but I may need a few pointers as I am no expert on SWF
> generation and file format. Interestingly NS6 throws the
> "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Encoding for '?' already present"
> exception, IE 5.5 throws a invalid element exception.

sorry, really busy... And I'm not an expert on SWF either but let's see...

did you remove the embedded font as I suggested?
without a specific font he should use the default font.

...seems to be a major bug in spark. could you please post a bug at

promise to look into this on the weekend

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