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Subject Re: Cocoon Wiki (was: Re: [CLEANCOON] Let's clean Cocoon and modularize it . . .)
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 20:32:06 GMT

> True, but on cocoon-users, there are some great threads which yield good
> doc material. 

There certainly are, and I'd hope this could be captured in the Wiki.

> The problem now is a lack of doc committers and patches 
> from volunteers. 

Lowering the barrier to entry (making it easy to submit content, add
corrections, etc may resolve this)

> Perhaps we should be encouraging users to post their 
> summaries in a wiki-like grammar on cocoon-users. 

Why not directly into the Wiki?

> I guess the quality of
> doc-oriented wikis will depend in part if uber-knowledgeable people, 
> like Vadim, Christian, and others, spend time monitoring/editing 
> doc-wikis like they do currently on cocoon-users. Since Vadim started 
> this wiki topic, sounds like he'll be visiting it??? Seems to me we'd 
> need a QA stage before commits to cvs.

Can't claim to be uber-knowledgeable, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on
Steven's Wiki, I've just added a chunk of content, as you can see:

One thing I like about JSPWiki is that it has an RSS feed, so you can 
monitor changes to the site with an RSS reader right from your 
desktop, you don't have to keep trawling through the site.

As far as QA goes, I'd suggest this be applied to Wiki content to 
make 'official docs', but you can still point people at the Wiki 
for information, and say "here be dragons".

> Yes, but in some ways, **until** we can transform Wiki content into a 
> structure based on document.dtd, etc., isn't this a step backwards for
> some of the more complex-structured docs? 

You can do this with WikiML ( amongst other things.



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