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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: setup() method for components vs. avalon lifecycle
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2002 01:48:24 GMT
> From: Geoff Howard []
> In the process of writing up a tutorial on writing a C2 Generator,
I've run
> across what seems to be an important question I can't find documented
> (imagine that).  In a discussion on cocoon-docs, Jens Lorenz suggested
> implementing Parameterizable to get at request parameters in the
> (for the context, see
> Obviously, there are a number of ways to get at request parameters -
not the
> point here.  The questions this has raised are:
> 1) I had thought that setup(...) was an avalon defined method, but
> apparently it's not.  Is there information on how this method was
> architecturally?
> 2) My understanding is that parameterize(...) is only called once,
> the life of a component.  I further assume that this means that each
> for a generator would not call this method again,

That's right.

> and that reparameterize(...) would have to be employed.  Is this

That's not exactly right. Reparameterize *could* be called (not that
somebody *will* call it in current implementation) only when sitemap has
been changed, and generator is given new parameters.

In current sitemap implementations, old generator will be discarded and
new created (and not only generator, but sitemap itself too).

> 3) Is the correct way to get at parameters in a C2 component/generator
> use the org.apache.avalon.framework.parameters.Parameters reference
> in to setup(...)?

What parameters we are talking here about? Declaration-time (inside of
<map:components/>) or invocation-time (inside <map:pipelines/>)?

Declaration time: either Configurable or Parameterizable.
Invocation time: from setup() method.
Request parameters: from request object, but you know this ;)

> 4) How is the current lifecycle of C2 components different than that
> described at
> currently?

Cocoon uses Excalibur. Whatever supported by excalibur is supported by

setup() and generate() methods are Cocoon business methods, defined by
Cocoon and are not related to Avalon in any sense.


> Thanks,
> Geoff Howard

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