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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: map:resource issue
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:02:03 GMT
> From: Christian Haul []
> On 31.Jul.2002 -- 09:50 AM, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > As pointed out by Lorenzo De Sio on user group (Subj: Multiple
> > map:resource calls), there is an issue with map:resource handling.
> >
> > On one side, sitemap.xmap states:
> >
> > <!--
> >   Resources are pipeline fragments that may be used from different
> >   pipeline fragments. For our needs, they behave exactly like
> >   pipelines, only that they are not accessible from outside.
> >   Hence I will explain what's inside below for pipelines.
> Yes, I've written that paragraph. It is a simplification that I
> thought would be OK when introducing sitemap components.
> > On the other, implementation of the sitemap stops processing right
> > after call to resource, which means that resource is not fragment
> > at all, but more similar to a view, which must be placed at the
> > end of pipeline. In my understanding of word "fragment", fragment
> > can be used in the middle of pipeline - which is not possible right
> > now.
> Right, that's the behaviour that resources always exhibited. So that
> is "correct".

Ok. I found that on userdocs/concepts/sitemap.html resource described
The <map:resource> element is used as a placeholder for pipelines that
are used several times inside the document

Won't then this be better:

The <map:resource> element is used to define pipelines fragments that
can be reused several times inside the sitemap. 
<map:resource> pipeline fragment can contain any sitemap components and
can include other resources. After execution of the resource, complete
pipeline must be assembled, containing from a reader, or one generator,
zero or more transformer(s), and one serializer. 

> On a side note: treeprocessor has a "bug" that resources return to the
> calling place if they don't have a serializer. There has been some
> discussion around that feature. AFAIR it was to be cosidered and
> should not be advertised nor removed. Many were in favour of keeping
> it.


I won't say I'm happy to hear about this kind of bugs...


> 	Chris.
> --
> C h r i s t i a n       H a u l
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