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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject RE: How to pass authentication data to a Source?
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2002 00:29:18 GMT
Justin wrote:
>    I think that putting all the functionality of logging into
> a server,
> retreiving messages and folders, and turning that data into XML is a
> little too much for a Source. If you have to pass parameters to the
> generator to specify servers and passwords, etc.. then why
> not just make
> a MailGenerator?

My plan is to put the login, retrieval of mail, etc into the Source, and the
XML conversion in an XMLizer. So these two functions will be split. As far
as passing passwords etc goes, I think Vadim is right that this should all
be passed to the Source in a URL string. I don't see any big problems there.

I don't think that a Generator should be responsible for dealing with mail
servers, because I also want to be able to retrieve rfc822 messages from
file systems or web servers, not just POP, IMAP, etc. That's why I think the
XML conversion should be UNDERNEATH the Generator layer (as an XMLizer or as
an XMLizable Source).

>Most mail
> systems won't
> make a new connection to the server to retrieve each
> individual message.
> They usually download them all at once into a local store. Will the
> source be responsible for this? If you're just concerned with viewing

I don't think the Source should do this: storing messages is what a mail
server (or any JavaMail "provider") is for after all. I don't want to write
a mail server. ;-)

> messages and don't want to store them, then you might want to
> keep the
> connection open so you don't have to reconnect for each
> message. In this
> case you'd want to store the JavaMail connection in the
> session, and I'm
> not aware the a source has access to the session.

You're right - keeping a cache of connections is important (though not such
an issue if the mail server is local) - but I'm still thinking this can be
done with a Source. I'm still not entirely clear about the Source's
relationship with the rest of Cocoon (including the session), but in any
case, it seems to me that a Source can keep a cache of open Connections
itself if necessary - it doesn't really have to be stored in the Session.

>    Who knows, maybe this is a better job for an action or
> flowscript in
> conjunction with a MailSource, but I don't think a source
> should do it
> all.

Can you elaborate on how that would work, Justin?

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