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From "Alexander Smirnoff" <>
Subject Cinclude crashing catalina...?
Date Thu, 15 Aug 2002 14:07:30 GMT

I had weird JVM crash after using cinclude in my application. I spent 
a little time to investigate the issue and this what I figured out:

When I call <cinclude:include src="cocoon:/message"/> cinclude 
transformer does not rewrite the request's Servlet Path to "message".
For example In my sitemap I have next:

<map:match pattern="cinclude">
    <map:generate src="xml/cinclude.xml"/>
    <map:transform type="cinclude" label="include"/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

<map:match pattern="message">
    <map:generate src="xsp/message.xsp" type="serverpages"/>
    <map:serialize type="xml"/>

xml/cinclude.xml has <cinclude:include src="cocoon:/message"/> 
in it.

This snippet is working properly, but something I do not understand:
If Servlet Path is not rewritten to "message", how sitemap properly 
picks the 'message' pipeline? Shoudn't it use the same 'cinclude'
pipeline again and again?

It has something to do with matcher or cocoon:/ protocol call. In my 
application I have my own implementation of the matcher which 
relies on getServletPath for match condition. And guess what happens 
when I use cinclude pipeline with this matcher? Right. It calls 
recursively itself in endless loop until all memory is exhausted and 
apparently crushes JVM...

So the question is - if request should not be rewriten in cocoon:/ call,
how to implement matcher so cinclude will correctly pickup the right


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