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From "Conal Tuohy" <>
Subject New "module" terminology: WAS: Extending the build system for modules
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2002 09:40:59 GMT
There's been a lot of discussion about "Cocoon Blocks" and "Extending the
build system for modules" recently. It seems to me that (whatever they're
called) they are essentially the same thing (or should be). At least,
ideally these optional build modules should include the necessary metadata
(WSDL etc) so that for instance they can appear as "Cocoon Blocks" and be
assembled in a hypothetical Coco-IDE. Is that right? I hope I'm not
confusing these 2 things.

Ola Berg suggested "CApps" but it seems to me that these modules are not
(necessarily) full applications - they may be only components, skins,
portals, webmail engines, directories, renderers and browsers for various
source DTDs, etc. So I think "app" or "capp" promises too much - it may be
an App, but it may be only part of an App.

I think Geoff's suggestion of the name "plugin" is good; better than
"ingredient" because of the "electrical" connotations of "plugging in" - a
"plug-in" is a thing like a PC expansion card or a silicon chip. I think the
name should have a hint of "engineering" to it, which "ingredient" doesn't
have. I know "block" is supposed to suggest a module of electronics, but for
many people a "block" has more the connotation of a "brick" - a static lump
of clay, not something active.

Perhaps "mechanism" or "engine"? The metaphor should be compatible with
"pipeline" IMHO, which would be +1 for "engine" because real engines contain
lots of pipelines. And "engine" has a long history in computing - going back
to the 1840s! In software engineering the term "engine" is quite often used
to refer to large components. Thinking of a system I developed recently, I
could decompose it into an "image-scaling engine", a "TEI to HTML convertor
engine", a "skinning" engine, etc.



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> has anyone suggested "plugin" yet?
> Geoff Howard
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