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Subject RE: [RT] Cocoon Integration Model
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 08:05:03 GMT

How about we build B2B and B2C in one?

I was thinking about an e-government application, where users can access
government services through different channels (web, TV, wap,...)
In the backend, we can have two (or more) goverment organisations
communicating with eachother, or even with other instances...

Sample scenario:
Prime minister Stefano has eloped and we are having elections in
Our (very progressive and highly skilled) government has set-up a website
where citizens can vote online.

I, as a resident of CocoonLand, log on to the website and authenticate
myself by means of my personal cerificate. The application checks if I am
elligable to vote (and if I haven't voted already).
Once I have voted, this triggers a series of events: the system registers
my vote, together with some personal details (anonymously, of course) such
as the city where I live, my gender and my age. This information is pushed
to the servers of the National Bureau of Statistics.

Meanwhile, ANN (Apache News Network) provides live coverage of these
elections on their website. At regular intervals (or maybe triggered by
events), the site is updated with statistics about the elections. Users can
view numbers and graphs online (svg) or download these in pdf or

When the application is finished, we put everythin on punchcards, box-wrap
it and send it to the US government :-)

Koen Pellegrims

PS: The Belgian government actually wants to implement this kind of system
and has ordered the national TV channel (VRT) to prepare their
infrastructure for Digital TV and capabilities like these. A few years ago,
everyone in Belgium was issued a personal chip-card that is used for
healthcare, next year our ID-cards will be replaced by smartcards. The goal
is to have people identify themselves online by means of that card, exactly
for this kind of stuff...
Now let's hope they don't let some company from Redmond implement the whole

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> From: TREGAN Fabien []

<snip what="very useful suggestions" />

> >
> >* Insert your own idea here.
> I've always thought that a Chess Webbapp would demonstrate
> Cocoon power :
> -It has complexe application logic (you can check the
> validity of a move,
> you can get the whole state of the board from an XML db on
> only get 1 move
> and calculate the new board. I think that a standard XML
> allready exists for
> this)
> -SVG will display the board
> -Abstraction layer would allow to use differents rules (I
> like Go more than
> Chess :)
> -We can make PDF report of the game with all moves in text
> format + pictures
> of the board after strategic moves.
> -We can use the same presentation component with a game
> database or with an
> an inline multiplayer Chess client.
> -It's more fun than a screw-shop sample.

I've been working on a gaming site a few years ago and if we had Cocoon
time our job would be much easier, cause we had to format our games to fit
different browsers resolutions, including WebTV (544px width), WebGate
(576px), etc.

Although your idea is very interesting, I don't think that writing a Chess
engine will be of any fun and it will be too complex for a demonstration

IMO, the application should be business oriented, e.g. Banking, Billing,
CRM, Reporting or so. We can questionnairre users to see what is the most
needed use-case.


> fabien.
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