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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: compiling/running dev-snapshot [was: Re: Delaying the release?]
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 13:07:04 GMT
Michael Enke wrote:
> ok, it is 2.1
> In that case it is probably not a good idea to test for upcoming 2.0.3
> with dev-snapshot. Whats about an auto generated dev-snapshot for the
> stable 2.0.<latest+1> branch?
I don't know anything about the dev-snapshots. But you're right this
is a good idea. 
Does anyone know who to ask for this (Pier or Sam?) ?
As far as the database problem and JDK 1.4 is concerned, both versions
should be identical (I hope), so you could test it with the dev-snapshot 
as well.

> Ok, I can ignore them. But is it in 2.0.3 branch too?
> If yes and we want to make a new release this should be corrected.
Yes, absolutely!

> > > If I start tomcat (4.0.3 on Linux SuSE 7.2) I get a "Resource 
> not found":
> > This should be due to the movement of the samples. Try to
> > invoke "http://localhost/cocoon/samples/welcome".
> Unfortunately this gives also an exception:
> type fatal
Yes, I'm aware of this. There are some bugs in the current build.xml
but as CVS is currently not working, I can't fix them.
I have attached a working version of the build script, so if you use
this and make a new build from a clean version, you should at least
see the examples. I can't guarantee that the esql examples are working
100% correctly, but the SQL transformer example
(http://localhost/cocoon/samples/sql/sql-page) shows the problem.

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