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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject Looking for help in the upcomming release
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:10:47 GMT
The Cocoon Project is working very hard to release 2.0.3 by Monday, July 
To meet this goal -- which clearly will benefit all users -- we need 
some *specific* QA (quality assurance) input from the user community.

To help, here's what you need to do:

1. Update your local CVS repository to the *latest* 2.0.3 branch 
   version from CVS.

2.  ./build.[sh|bat] clean

3. If you want to build for JDK 1.4 change in build.xml the following 
   line from
     <property name="jvm-target" value="13" />
     <property name="jvm-target" value="14" />
   Do not run Cocoon build for JDK 1.3 on a JDK 1.4 system or 
   vice versa. Please note, that the build for JDK 1.3 is also
   targetted for JDK 1.2

4. ./build.[sh\bat] -Dinclude.webapp.libs=true webapp  (or webapp-local)

5. Test *all* samples. Hit each and every sample page from links
beginning at

6. Report back here on your findings, good or bad.

7. Make sure you describe your test environment: Platform and JVM, 
including version numbers.

8. If you find problems, be specific about the problem description: what 
   page, what error, etc.

9. If you can provide a patch/info to fix the problem, even better.

What we do *not* need:
Please do not submit requests for XYZ features, dreams, etc. Please save 
these ideas for future versions.


The Cocoon Team

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