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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [ANN] Apache Cocoon 2.0.3 Release
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 10:49:41 GMT
Apache Cocoon 2.0.3 Released

   The Apache Cocoon team is proud to announce the new release
   of Apache Cocoon.

    Apache Cocoon is an XML framework that raises the usage of
    XML and XSLT technologies for server applications to a new level.
    Designed for performance and scalability around pipelined SAX
    processing, Cocoon offers a flexible environment based on the
    separation of concerns between content, logic and style.
    A centralized configuration system and sophisticated caching
    top this all off and help you to create, deploy and maintain
    rock-solid XML server applications.

    Today, most web engineers consider XML as the key for an improved
    web model and web site managers see XML as a way to reduce costs
    and ease production. In an era where services rather than software
    will be key for economic success, a better and less expensive model
    for web publishing will be a winner, especially one based on open

    This release of Cocoon is a maintainance release focusing on
    improved performance, robustness and better documentation. See the
    following changes list for more information.

For more information about Apache Cocoon 2.0.3, please go to

Changes with Apache Cocoon 2.0.3

*) When Cocoon is built, the build system automatically detects the current
   jvm and builds a target for this virtual machine. This is eiter JVM 1.4
   or JVM 1.2 upto 1.3. [CZ]

*) Fixed current page indication in documentation menu (synced with
   HEAD). [KP]

*) Internationalization and JSP samples are refactored. [KP]

*) When building Cocoon it is required to set the targetted JVM (either
   1.3 (means 1.3 or lower) or1.4. [CZ]

*) Fix NullPointerException in Notifier. [VG]

*) Multiple results seem not to be supported by some DBMSs (i.e. Oracle
   and Informix). Therefore this is made optional in ESQL. A new parameter
   (esql:allow-multiple-results) to esql:connection re-enables it.
   See EsqlConnection for details. [CH]

*) Properly escape (national) characters included in element's attributes
   in XSP page. [VG]

*) Addconnect-attempts and connect-waittime parameters to the
   Transformer tries toget a connection to the DB several times before
   anerror. [VG]

*) Fix sitemap compilation error when matchers areused within view or
   resource. [VG]

*) Fix sitemap compilation error when actions are used within view. [VG]

*) TraxTransformer and XSLTProcessor components now correctly handle
   dependecies on imported (via xsl:include)XSLT stylesheets. [VG]

*) Removed Java 1.3+ only method (URL.getPath()) from
   LinkStatusGenerator. [NKB]

*) CocoonServletno longer builds its own classloader. Also, it no more sets
  the thread's context classloaderunless the "init-classloader" parameter is
  To have Cocoon use its own classloader, usethe ParanoidCocoonServlet. [SW]

*) ResourceReader incorrectly advertised byte ranges support. [VG]

*) Added a "handle-exceptions" init argument in web.xml, used by
   CocoonServlet for the exceptions that the core Cocoon class throws. If
   or not set, this class will try to catch and handle all Cocoon
   If false, it will rethrow them to the servlet container. [NKB]

*) Changed the Notifier notify() methods to accept amimetype instead of
   returning it. There is no way in which this method could understand what
   mime/type to use from the notification info and the stream. It was added
   to the methodusing a ContentHandler, since it could output svg for
   The old methods were deprecated. [NKB]

*) Fixed error reporting in CocoonServlet: stream is now closed at the end
   the service method, the content-type is sent before sending the error and
   the notification messages are now more descriptive. [NKB]

*) Support Parameterizable URLFactories. [VG]

*) Fixed multipart request problems with IE6. [GF]

*) Added ability to run Cocoon on Novell OS. [VG]

*) Make the multipart/form-dataparser aware of the encoding used by the
   processed request. [SM]

*) Added support for StreamGenerator to read from 'multipart/form-data'
   as well. [SM]

*) Started new documents for Documentation To Do List and Documentation
   of Changes. [DC]

*) Fixed NPE in DefaultNotifyingBuilder. [GF]

*) Fixed NPE in I18nTransformer. [GF]

*) i18n transformer changed to useshorter syntax for number formatting. Now
   'type' attribute with'number', 'currency' and 'percent' should be used
   of 'type' and 'sub-type'combination. [KP]

*) New documents on databases and Cocoon, database actions and modules. [CH]

*) Additional input modules: Date, Digest, ConstantString, Random,
   Collection [CH]

*) Sendmail logicsheet works again. [CH]

*) Array support for original form validation and new constraint for
   "one-of" listsall allowed values, separated by "|"s. List should start
   and end with "|". [CH]

*) Aliases in modular database actions now work correctly. All of them
   the number of affected rows as sitemap variable. [CH]

*) added new Selector component. [GF]

*) Updated commons-httpclient. [GF]

*) Fixing bug in NetUtils that altered in some cases the link reference in
   command-line mode. [CZ]

*) XScript worksnow (and all XScript SOAP samples). [VG]

*) XSP engine now correctly processes pages with anyencoding. [VG]

*) Fixed error(NPE) in AbstractValidatorAction introduced in the 2.0.2. [VG]

*) Fixing ClassCastException when a multipart/form-data form is posted. [CZ]

*) Rewrote SQLTransformer and added capability to store/fetch XML. [CZ]

*) Added AbstractSAXTransformer for much easier implementation of custom
   transformers. [CZ]

*) Handle request forwarding (aka internal redirects) using the "cocoon:"
   pseudo-protocol : writing <map:redirect-to uri="cocoon:/"/> makes
a recursive
   call on the current sitemap without going back to the browser (as usual,
   "cocoon://" uses the root sitemap). Thisalso keeps any data that
   have been stored as request attributes. Note: this is only available in
   the interpreted sitemap engine for now, and will come soon on the
compiled engine. [SW]

*) Small optimization to XConfTool to check if the fileis actually an
   XConfTool file. [NKB]

*) Added LinkStatusGenerator donated by Michael Homeijer and accompanying
   sitemap to scratchpad. [NKB]

*) Moved castor scratchpad sample from /samples to /mount as othersamples.
Now the
   refactoredsample page points to the mountdir, thus showing
   components to test. [NKB]

*) When including the scratchpad libs in the build, all the scratchpad
   are copied too. [NKB]

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