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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject [Q] Conceptual difficulties
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2002 06:07:14 GMT
I feel like a newbie again.

It seems as if with every new page or problem to solve, I have a large set
of choices about where I can store information. But where I choose to store
something depends on its lifetime, cachability, granularity, etc.

In a typical servlet model, I understand the difference in lifetime and
scope between contexts (e.g. session, servlet, etc). But in Cocoon I don't.

I'm having trouble figuring out where to keep application vs. user level
settings in a web applicaton using Cocoon without every user getting a copy
of a global setting, etc. I think most of the confusion centers around the
repeated use of Source objects and Resolvers throughout C2.

Note: I've looked through a most of the C2 code (esp. sunshine) and still am
fuzzy on some basics. I've also looked through most of the documentation
both online and in the 2.0.3 build on my machine.

- is the Cocoon Source object the same as the Source in Excalibur (doesn't
seem so, yet they both seem to be used)?

- does the resolver automatically cache the source object if possible, and
also watch for changes (it doesn't seem as if any of the Source's are

- that is, is there little cost to requesting an XML file repeatedly?

- does it depend on which protocol (cocoon:, resource:, file:, context:,

- sitemap components have their own config info, and some have external
config info (e.g. ValidatorAction descriptor files). Are the external config
files automatically cached in memory and kept up to date if they change?
How: by simply using Source and a resolver?

- sitemap components are stored in and returned from pools, each potentially
with its own settings, etc. But is the pool a pool of _all_ components
together, separate pools for each component type (e.g. one for generators,
one for matchers), or separate pools for each specific component (e.g. a
pool of CIncludeTransformer's, each with their own default settings)?

- the sun* code expects config information directly in the sitemap instead
of a separate file. When using the compiled sitemap, that's a real nuisance.
Is there a way around that?

- when you access the application context in the sun* code, is it accessing
a single copy for everyone? Where is it actually stored?

- in summary, how/where would one store an XML snippet as essentially a
singleton object for use by all users?

- is there an architectural overview I've missed (it's not really covered by
the UML diagrams in the Dev section of the docs)?

Thanks in advance,
Per Kreipke

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