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From "Per Kreipke" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Extending Sitemap Error Handling
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 16:22:21 GMT
Nicola wrote:

> > Will whatever the new syntax is allow something like this?
> >
> > <!-- Symbolic only, actual syntax may vary -->
> > <map:handle-errors exception="">
> >   <!-- RedirectException puts destURL in the sitemap parameters -->
> >   <map:redirect-to href="{destURL}" />
> > </map:handle-errors>
> >
> > That's be nice, then I could actually redirect from generators (and even
> > transformers, etc).
> Exactly what I want to prohibit.
> Error handling should *not* redirect or create loops.
> If it's part of the flow, use an Action to tell it to the next
> components, not exceptions, which are... exceptional ;-)

What about the site developer who doesn't know Java but understands XML and
XSL? Or even a bit of XSP with the great taglibs we've got but doesn't know
enough to code an Action in Java.

[Assume for a second the database actions aren't good enough because we
don't allow direct DB access from the Cocoon layer]

> Redirecting is generally not needed, and Cocoon was made so to not make
> erdirects part of the necessary flow.

This is the basic part of C2 I don't understand. Given a form that posts to
a different URL, how do you get back to the form page (or a summary page)?

Like this?

<match "form">

<match "POST">
  <act "doMyPost">
    <redirect-to "form-or-summary">
  <generate "form again with errors">
  <!-- Does this mean form is in sitemap in two places? -->

I find that difficult conceptually and haven't even gotten it working.


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