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From Ovidiu Predescu <>
Subject Re: [Q] XScript...
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 02:47:46 GMT
Hi Vadim,

On 7/25/02 6:51 AM, "Vadim Gritsenko" <> wrote:

> Hi Ovidiu,
> I'm not sure whether you are following this discussion or not, but I'm
> about to refactor XScript in the following direction:

No, sorry, I was not following it, thanks for the heads up. Where did it
start, I haven't seen it on cocoon-dev?

> 1. Do not store variable scopes in the XScriptManager, but as attribute
> of Context, Session, Request, or in the page itself (for page scope).
> Thus, will be no (or less) memory leaks (session expires -> all
> variables are cleaned up automatically).

Yes, this makes a lot of sense!

> 2. Add request scope.


> 3. Move to DOM for variable storage. This will allow adding xpath
> functionality to the logicsheet without extra re-parsing.

I agree. The current approach has problems, especially in the context of
namespaces. That's because the XSLT doesn't handle dynamically generated
namespaces. But this is another story.

> 4. Add XScriptSource, to allow usage of xscript variables in the
> sitemap. Something similar to:
> <map:generate src="xscript:session:my-doc#chapter[2]"/>
> <map:generate src="xscript:first:my-style"/>

Wow, this is a neat idea!

> 5. Think about making single variable storage for xscript and
> webapps.session (I would like to get Carsten's comment on this also).

Sorry, I'm not familiar with this, so I cannot comment on it.

> Before I start modifying the code, I would like to hear your opinion on
> the decisions I took.

Sure, just go ahead and do any changes you feel.

My only worry is that Xscript is promoting a page oriented programming
style, which I'm trying to avoid with the flow layer. I worked on Xscript
before the control flow got into my mind, that's why it kind of remained
unmaintained by me.

But I guess we should support both approaches. Given an option people will
ask for it.

Again, thanks for bringing it up! It would be good if you could take up this
portion of the code, and make it fit better with the rest of Cocoon. I don't
feel I have the time to maintain it.

Best regards,

Ovidiu Predescu <> (Radio Weblog) (Apache, GNU, Emacs...)

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