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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: Question was: Re: [RT] reconsidering pipeline semantics
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 14:10:59 GMT
We should really get this in a FAQ somewhere!

>> What's the difference between having two pipelines with one matcher
>> each, and one pipeline with two matchers?
> If there is no other difference in pipeline declarations, then none.
> Pipelines can differ by:
> 	- visibility: internal (not accessible for external requests) or
> normal
> 	- error handling: using different <handle-errors>s.
> 	- cachability (since 2.1): some requests can use cached responses
> from caching pipeline, while the others should not be cached, so you should
> use non-caching pipeline implementation
> 	- logical grouping: you can group logically related parts into
> separate pipelines
> Pipelines can also have an 'id', but I don't know how it's used, so you can
> have different 'id's for your pipelines.
> Maybe I've forgot something, but this should be enough for understanding.

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