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From "Hassan Abolhassani" <>
Subject XSP encoding
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 03:17:03 GMT
I would like to insert some Japanese character inside xsp pages. For that I tried following

<xsp:page encoding="Shift_JIS"
  xmlns:xsp-session="" >

Shift_JIS is the needed encoding. But when I put Japanese character i receive wrong characters.

With or without encoding declaration in xsp:page, when i have data come from a java class
like for example <xsp:expr>r.getName()</xsp:expr>, i can see Japanese characters.

Could anyone tell me what might be wrong. XSP internals document says:

   Markup Encoding 
       Method getEncoding is implemented by class XSPMarkupLanguage by retrieving the  attribute
named encoding in the root <xsp:page> element. 

      In absence of a <xsp:page> root element, the encoding will be retrieved from an
attribute named xsp:encoding present in the "user" root element.  

Should i put encoding in user root element?

Any help is appreciated.


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