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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Releasing 2.0.3?
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 11:23:31 GMT

On Thursday, July 11, 2002, at 06:35  AM, Carsten Ziegeler wrote:

> So, we need do to the following:
> a) Testing if everything works, espcially with regards to the different
>    JVMs - I did a quick SQL test with both versions and they both
>    worked.
> b) Update the documentation to include the "jvm-target" property etc. 
> This
>    should also go into the README
> c) Layout the distribution

   d) Check your docs for any 2.1-specific references and flag them (with 
<note> or similar).

I may not get through each and every doc, so if you know the docs you 
contributed have 2.1-specific content (either the doc as a whole or 
content within), please flag them as such. A while back, we decided on 
this list
to sync HEAD and release docs to make it easier on committers working on 
This included the provision that all 2.1-oriented docs would be noted to 
I have added this info to a number of docs already, but I haven't 
concluded my general
inventory of *all* docs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I 
realize this is a bit of a
manual hack, and I look forward to Forrest transition (coming soon) and 
solving this
more elegantly, but I think the priority ATM should be user-friendly 
docs, however
we achieve it.

FYI, the only docs not synced remain changes.xml, todo.xml, 
sitemap.xmap, installing/index.xml, and

> Ah, and finally a release date. If no problems or big bugs are found, I
> would propose monday, 15th of July.

+1. Also, Carsten, let's include some language with the release notice 
about all the new
docs accompanying it. We have *lots* of new content since 2.0.2. I'll 
provide a count if that helps!

FYI: I'll update the live site for docs on Sunday if that works with 
this schedule.


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