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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Auto/Manual_Cachingpoints pipelines & Cocoon-Views
Date Thu, 25 Jul 2002 19:44:56 GMT
Michael Melhem wrote:

>Dear Cocoon Gods,
>(Flattery will get you everywhere!)

We're not god, but only grown-up contributors ;)

>In Particular:
>Attn: Sylvain Wallez
>Attn: Carsten Ziegeler
>FYI, I have been working to complete "cachingpoint" (CP) pipelines so
>that auto CP (ACP) is fully functional (and capable of supporting
>manual cachingpoint).
>Changes include:
>1. Cachingpoint pipeplines implement configurable. So
>its now possible to switch between cachingpoint policies easly.
><map:pipeline name="cachingpoint" src="...impl.CachingPointProcessingPipeline">
>  <cachingpoint-policy>...AutoCachingPointStrategy</cachingpoint-policy>
>  <!-- cachingpoint-policy>...ManualCachingPointStrategy</cachingpoint-policy
>2. Introduced a new TreeProcessor Node called
> (as opposed to SimpleParentProcessingNode).
>SimpleLeafProcessingNode groups the common cocoon-views behavior at higher
>level and makes it easier support manaul cachepoints etc.
>Thoughts, comments ? :-P

Shouldn't it be better "PipelineStatementProcessingNode" ? The concerned 
nodes are those that add a component to the pipeline, and not all leaf 
nodes (map:redirect and map:call are leafs).

>Does it make sense to have a MCP on anything other than "Leaf" Nodes?

...other than "pipeline statement" Nodes ? :)

>That is, Nodes which dont subclass SimpleParentProcessingNode?

Be careful here : you're mixing implementation helper classes (that 
aren't related to the sitemap at all) with your specification of the the 
sitemap statements that can define a cache point. Let's not bias the 
spec by "implementation details", as Stefano likes to call them !

>As with cocoon-views, I would say the answer is *no*..
>ParentProcessingNodes are not candidates for MCP's)
>The current cachingpoint behavior flags a cachingpoint whenever a
>"leaf" node is indicated to have one or more "views". So in effect,
>we already have a mechansim for manual cachingpoint (well close,
>you still need to have a view defined).
>I was thinking that one possibility is to extend this "views" behavior
>so you can have something like the following:
>  <map:transform src="../simple-samples2html.xsl" label="cachingpoint"/>
>Where in effect, you manually label a pipeline component as being a
>cachingpoint.  In this case, "cachingpoint" is not a view but a
>"resevered" word to indicate that this component is a manual cachingpoint.
>After this fashion, you can also label components as manual "cachingpoints"
>within the <components> section of the sitemap.xmap (as with cocoon-views)

Although this reserved view name seems elegant at first, it finally 
seems to me like a hack, as we use a totally different concept (the 
views) to configure the pipeline caching behaviour.

>(alternatively you can seperate the concerns by having something like
>  <map:transform src="../simple-samples2html.xsl" cachingpoint="true"/>)

This seems more clear, but introduces attributes on sitemap components 
related to a particular implementation of the pipeline, so I don't like 
it so much either : what if several pipeline implementations require 
some special attributes ?

>Any thoughts on this?

What we want here is in fact to be able to give the pipeline (whatever 
its implementation) a hint on how it should handle a particular pipeline 
element. So we can simply allow a hint attribute to be specified on 
pipeline statements :

  <map:transform src="foo.xsl" pipeline-hint="cachepoint"/>

This allows any pipeline implementation do define it's own hints (e.g. 
profiling or logging a particular pipeline component).

What do people think ?


Sylvain Wallez
 Anyware Technologies                  Apache Cocoon 

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