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From Greg Weinger <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Remove SQLTransformer in 2.1
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 22:23:14 GMT
Per Kreipke wrote:

>>The ESQL generator AFAIK supports everything one could need to do via
>>the SQLTransformer and there does not seem
>>to be a reason to continue to support both technologies.
>How can that be true? The transformation point in the pipeline is very
>different than a generator. For example, I can order transformations such
>that the SQL transformer comes between other transforms but you couldn't do
>that with a generator.
I have to second this; I have long disagreed with the implication, in 
the documentation, that the SQLTransformer should be deprecated because 
of ESQL.  

It gives new users the sense that the Generation stage is the only place 
to perform "heavy-duty" operations like data access.  I think this 
discourages creative thinking in using the Transformation stage to solve 
problems.  Just because M-V (of MVC fame) maps nicely to G-T, doesn't 
mean that it should in every case, or that this is necessarily 
preferable.  A well-crafted Transformer can provide extremely effective 
code reuse.  

ESQL is certainly more developed, but it is not a replacement.  Where in 
SQLTransformer do you suspect code rot?  Have people been experiencing 
problems with it?  

--Greg Weinger

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