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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Remove SQLTransformer in 2.1
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 20:44:37 GMT
Hi All,

Backward compatibility among minor revisions is generally a smart and 
good thing to do.  However, there does
become a point where it grows six legs and starts biting you.

The ESQL generator AFAIK supports everything one could need to do via 
the SQLTransformer and there does not seem
to be a reason to continue to support both technologies.

IMHO, while the code quality of the ESQL stylesheet is relatively low, 
the quality of the SQLTransformer is lower probably due to code rot and 
negative evolutionary pressures.

I would suppose the SQLTransformer being largely a Cocoon 1.x construct 
is reasonable slow and my own unscientific benchmarking seems to confirm 

I'd like to propose we remove the SQLTransformer from Cocoon 2.1 and 
newer releases, remove all SQLTransformer based samples (or provide esql 



Tom Klaasen wrote:

> Joshua McCulloch wrote:
>> The queries are definitely not taking 130ms outside of
>> cocoon.
> Can you put numbers on this? How much does it take to do the same 
> queries in a simple java program? (setup connections, start timer, 
> execute queries, stop timer)
> And on another note: does it also takes 130 ms if the SQLTransformer 
> is already executed some times? The first time, you have overhead in 
> creating connections etc, while after some times, the connections are 
> taken from a pool.
>> What do you mean by turning off debugging? I've
>> changed the logging status to ERROR, and saw some
>> improvement. What did you turn off, and how did you do
>> so?
> That's what I meant: change logging status to ERROR. I'm not sure 
> though if this can still be done on one place, or if there are more 
> places nowadays where you can reduce the logging level (yeah, I know, 
> my in-depth days of Cocoon are some time behind me already. I hope I 
> can get to work on some Cocoon project again, but that won't be in the 
> near future).
>> Thanks! :)
> np, that's what we're here for ;)
> tomK
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