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From Bernhard Huber <>
Subject [ANN] DateSelector
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 00:26:51 GMT
inspired by the xmas style sample in the RT CocoonBlocks
i put a DateSelector into the scratchpad area.
any comments are welcome...

Configuring and usage sample of the DateSelector,
    The configuration of DataSelector configures a symbolic name (ie 
    a compare-mode (ie <before>), and a date-time value (ie '06:00:00').

    The compare mode is specified by the element name before, or after.
    The date-time value is specified by the attribute date. The attribute
    dateformat specifies the dateformat of the date-time value. Time 
only values
    are relative to the current date. Optionally you specify a country, and
    a language attribute for specifying the locale used in the 
date-value parsing.
    Per default the default locale is used.

     The following configuration example, sets partition a day into four 
     areas, each spanning six hours, giving them symbolic names night, 
     afternoon, and evening.
      <map:selectors default="browser">
        <map:selector type="date" 
          <before name="night" date="06:00:00" dateformat="HH:mm:ss"/>
          <before name="morning" date="12:00:00" dateformat="HH:mm:ss"/>
          <before name="afternoon" date="18:00:00" dateformat="HH:mm:ss"/>
          <before name="evening" date="23:59:59" dateformat="HH:mm:ss"/>
        <map:match pattern="&asterik;&asterik;/resources/*.css">
        <map:select type="date">
          <map:when test="night">
            <!-- do something for night publishing -->
            <map:read src="resources/{2}-night.css" mime-type="text/css>
          <map:when test="morning">
            <!-- do something for night publishing -->
            <map:read src="resources/{2}-morning.css" mime-type="text/css>
            <!-- define for completness, and if selecting fails due to 
errors -->

bye bernhard

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