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From "Enke, Michael" <>
Subject Re: compiling/running dev-snapshot [was: Re: Delaying the release?]
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2002 12:00:55 GMT
Hi Carsten,

Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
> Michael Enke wrote:
> >
> > What is the difference between HEAD and 2.0.3 branch?
> The HEAD branch is the development branch for 2.1. Everything there
> is considered alpha as we are testing out some new concepts and
> features.
> > I'm also such a poor guy who is limited to port 80,
> > so I use the dev-snapshot. What is the dev-snapshot? 2.0.3 or HEAD?
> I assume it's HEAD, you can verify this by looking into the build.xml
> file which contains the version number.

ok, it is 2.1
In that case it is probably not a good idea to test for upcoming 2.0.3
with dev-snapshot. Whats about an auto generated dev-snapshot for the
stable 2.0.<latest+1> branch?

> > I downloaded xml-cocoon2_20020702162200.tar.gz
> > What is the javac version excalibur is compiled?
> >
> The last time I did it, it was JDK 1.4 with 1.2 compatibility mode.

Anybody know how to check this?

> > From compiling I get a lot of warnings about javadoc:
> > Constructing Javadoc information...
> > Standard Doclet version 1.4.0
> > ...
> > warning - Tag @see cannot be used in inline documentation.
> > warning - @created is an unknown tag.
> > ...
> > Generating /home/me/xml-cocoon2/build/cocoon/javadocs/help-doc.html...
> > 36 warnings
> >
> Ignore them...some of us have invented new tags....

Ok, I can ignore them. But is it in 2.0.3 branch too?
If yes and we want to make a new release this should be corrected.

> > If I start tomcat (4.0.3 on Linux SuSE 7.2) I get a "Resource not found":
> This should be due to the movement of the samples. Try to
> invoke "http://localhost/cocoon/samples/welcome".

Unfortunately this gives also an exception:
type fatal

message Type 'xmldbcollection' is not defined for 'generate' at file:/var/lib/pgsql/jakarta-tomcat-4.0.3-LE-jdk14/webapps/cocoon/samples/sitemap.xmap:329:56

description org.apache.avalon.framework.configuration.ConfigurationException: Type 'xmldbcollection'
is not defined for 'generate' at

I'm willingly to check the esql samples but I'm afraid of not being able to do this
because I have no access to 2.0.3 version.


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