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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject RE: [RT] Cocoon Integration Model
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2002 06:46:11 GMT
>We need something that does three basic things:
>1) Has complex application logic--i.e. one approval
>   fires off several actions.  That application logic
>   should be encapsulated in application specific
>   components.
>2) Need for a non-trivial model.  In other words, let's
>   not talk directly to the database, and use an abstraction
>   layer.
>3) Need for reports.  Cocoon's integration with FOP is an
>   excelent way to show off how reporting is integrated.
>   We can show how to handle offline generated reports, and
>   reports generated on demand.
>As to the subject in question, we have some possibilities:
>* Manage the process of a Manufacturer submitting a new product
>  to a retailer to have the product show up on the retailers
>  stores.  (I have worked on such a project myself).
>* Inventory management application that incorporates automatic
>  re-ordering based on thresholds.  An interface is necessary
>  to input the current inventory, or at least the relationships
>  between an order for a product and the number of parts used.
>* Insert your own idea here.

I've always thought that a Chess Webbapp would demonstrate Cocoon power :
-It has complexe application logic (you can check the validity of a move,
you can get the whole state of the board from an XML db on only get 1 move
and calculate the new board. I think that a standard XML allready exists for
-SVG will display the board
-Abstraction layer would allow to use differents rules (I like Go more than
Chess :)
-We can make PDF report of the game with all moves in text format + pictures
of the board after strategic moves.
-We can use the same presentation component with a game database or with an
an inline multiplayer Chess client.
-It's more fun than a screw-shop sample.


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