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From "Andy Lewis" <>
Subject Re: Having all the sitemaps in one directory
Date Fri, 05 Jul 2002 00:07:12 GMT
Uh...please don't do this....

I'm with Stefano - keep it relocatable. Putting them all together will dramatically change
the way
coocon must be set up and managed.
For example - on the NASA Kennedy Space Center portal I'm syndicating a sitemap with each
package (representing a channel, content area, portlet, or whatever term you like), and then
automounting them on the subscribing server. As it stands now, this works out great. This
gives me
huge flexibility on what I can syndicate (database apps using the SQLTransformer, JSPs even),
makes distribution very simple.

> Piroumian Konstantin wrote:
>> Hi colleagues!
>> An idea just came to me: what if all the sitemap files where located under the WEB-INF
>> directory and be mounted from the one that is called 'sitemap' (or configured on
xconf)? So,
>> there can be:
>>         sitemap.xmap - the root sitemap
>>         samples.xmap - samples sub-sitemap
>>         docs.xmap - documentation sub-sitemap
>> This can serve for two purposes: better security (it's said that WEB-INF is the most
>> place in webapp context) and better managebility.
>> E.g. for Forrest I definitely see a need for sub-sitemaps, otherwise we will end
up with a
>> huge and messy sitemap, but as Forrest should pull documentation from multiple projects
>> CVS) which does not contain any sitemaps, so we are stuck to a single sitemap.
>> What do you think? Is it possible now? This should be as simple as using another
name (not
>> 'sitemap') for the subsitemap and specify the needed 'src' in map:mount. Am I right?
> -1
> The fact that sitemaps are 'relocatable' allows people to give different access control
> different parts of the URI space. Placing them all in one directory forces more overlap
> the various sitemap managers of the variuos places of the URI space
> NOTE: nothing stops you from moving all your sitemaps in one location *NOW*, but I don't
> to force people to do it.
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