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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: nested elements in esql logicsheets
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 07:06:24 GMT
On 10.Jul.2002 -- 04:11 PM, Stephen Ng wrote:
> remove (or move) the section on SiLLy--there's precious little doc as it

Gosh, it's still there?! It wasn't WIP anymore when I started two
years ago...

> 2. "Also, dynamic tag parameters must be accepted both as constant
> strings and as (potentially complex) expressions."
> This is, of course, a great great thing, a lifesaver.  But the example
> given is:
>   <util:parameter name="format">
>     <xsp:expr>
>       request.getParameter("format");
>     </xsp:expr>
>   </util:parameter>
> To use this with esql, you must say:
>   <esql:param ...>
> BUT, it's "param" not "parameter"!  Also, it's not at all obvious that

Indeed, it uses "parameter" for PreparedStatement parameters. AFAIK
most (all?) logicsheets use "param". The bigger inconsistency is that
it uses "column" to dynamically specify a column where it should use
"param name='column'"...

> the util and esql namespaces both contain an element named "param"; I
> might have been tempted to use "util:param" in my esql sheet.

Thought it was documented..... will check.

> [That it's "esql:param" is not obvious from looking at esql.xsl--I
> attempted to grep for "esql:param" and found nothing.  That's because
> the code is written:
> <xsl:value-of select="concat($prefix, ':param')"/>
> Where $prefix (which is only used here!) is hard-coded to "esql"!
> ]

mid-term goal would be to move to logicsheet-util.xsl for those
functions. Anyone interested in doing it? :-)

> 2. It's my belief that SQLWarning's are totally ignored by
>, and, therefore, there is no way for esql users to see
> any warnings if they occur. (see, for example
> --
> getWarnings() is a method of the (private)
> connection/statement/resultset object.
> Can someone confirm this?

Yes, they are not used. Suggest a syntax (or provide a patch :-) and
we'll see....

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