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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Cocoon Integration Model
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 14:51:43 GMT
> From: Artur Bialecki [] 
> I think cocoon web application blueprints are a great idea.
> I had to get around many cocoon quirks to get it working 
> in a J2EE environment. I've always seen cocoon advertised
> for web-publishing so I always thought that I'm not using
> it for what it was intended. To be fair J2EE has many quirks 
> too which caused some of the problems.

:)  Yep.

> Now, let's not do another PetStore, maybe something 
> more along the B to B model?

We need something that does three basic things:

1) Has complex application logic--i.e. one approval
   fires off several actions.  That application logic
   should be encapsulated in application specific

2) Need for a non-trivial model.  In other words, let's
   not talk directly to the database, and use an abstraction

3) Need for reports.  Cocoon's integration with FOP is an
   excelent way to show off how reporting is integrated.
   We can show how to handle offline generated reports, and
   reports generated on demand.

As to the subject in question, we have some possibilities:

* Manage the process of a Manufacturer submitting a new product
  to a retailer to have the product show up on the retailers
  stores.  (I have worked on such a project myself).

* Inventory management application that incorporates automatic
  re-ordering based on thresholds.  An interface is necessary
  to input the current inventory, or at least the relationships
  between an order for a product and the number of parts used.

* Insert your own idea here.

Both of these concepts have use in the real world, which I find
a more effective way of teaching how to use Cocoon.

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