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From "Litrik De Roy" <>
Subject Re: Clean webapp as a starting point for a new application [2.1]
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 18:19:54 GMT

I am experiencing the same issues.

We are going to roll out a Cocoon based web site for our company and I am
worried a little bit that it will be very hard to keep the Cocoon code
current if I have too many things in Cocoon configuration files, or in the
Cocoon directory structure.

The fact that it is possible to use <map:mount> in the sitemap is already a
big help. AFAIK I still need to modify a number of things after deploying a
'clean' Cocoon war file:

1) Add my own <map:mount> entries to the sitemap.xmap
2) Remove the documentation pipeline from the sitemap.xmap (even though my
own <map:mount> entries will always be used, I don't like having "other"
pipelines in there)
3) Add my own <builtin-logicsheet> logicsheet entries to the cocoon.xconf
4) Add my own jar files to the WEB-INF/lib

I can live with step 1).

Step 2) would probably not be necessary if the "build clean-webapp" would be
'fixed' (just like you suggest). I would patch this myself but unfortunately
my knowledge of Ant is close to zero :o)

About 3), it would be nice of cocoon.xconf would allow some sort of
'mounting' so I could keep my application-specific information in a
different file.

Step 4) is probably really necessary but I like your idea of automating this
using a build script.

Would you mind sending/posting your build script that you use to deploy your
application into a 'clean' Cocoon environment? I would be happy to
reuse/improve it ;o)

PS: Any feedback from developers would (of course) also be very

Litrik De Roy

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From: "Michael Homeijer" <>
To: <>

> I am using the build target clean-webapp to create a starting point for
> development of a new application. To be able to upgrade quickly to new
> Cocoon builds I have a build script that unpacks the resulting .war file
> copies my own web application files into the Cocoon war. This means my
> application is in a seperate subsitemap and I don't want to touch the
> root sitemap.
> This results in two requirements for the root sitemap. 1) It must be
> so the documentation pipelines should also be mounted in a subsitemap and
> removed in the clean-webapp target. 2) There should be an extension point
> where I can place my application sitemap (or replace the documentation
> sitemap) so that in a full Cocoon environment the match="" can be
> to the documentation and in my application the match="" will be redirected
> to my application root url.
> What would it take to accomplish this?

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