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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Cocoon Organization
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:09:14 GMT
> From: Christian Haul []
> On 31.Jul.2002 -- 09:27 AM, Berin Loritsch wrote:
> > We should split Cocoon into core development and component
> > efforts, much like Avalon does with Framework and Excalibur.  That
> > allow the components to be packaged in jars that serve a similar
> > purpose.
> In general, I agree. But I fear that many functional subprojects are
> too small to be handled seperately.
> > Things like all the database related components should be in their
> > mini-project.  Each mini-project has its own documentation, and its
> Which is a good example: We have ESQL (depends on XSP),
> SQLTransformer, and two sets of Database*Actions. Putting all in one
> subproject could be done. But from the deployment perspective, I would
> perhaps use one or two, hardly all of them.

Yes, you may use only one or two. But think about it: right now there is
no one, commonly shared syntax for these two (esql and transformer), and
they have no common roots, they are not well integrated.

If you to put esql and sql transformer into different subprojects, then
situation will just get worse. They must be in the same subproject, and
should be unified and integrated as much as possible, to reduce
repetitive code and make maintainance / feature additions easy.

IIRC, somebody (Andrew?) was about to integrate these two.


> So, I reckon it boils down to someone with a good overview to suggest
> the grouping scheme and prepare a layout. I would hope that everyone
> would move the stuff they feel responsible for to the appropriate
> location.
> 	Chris.
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