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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [Proposal] Cocoon Organization
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:17:42 GMT
> From: Berin Loritsch []
> Currently Cocoon is 1.5 MB in size.  That is a huge jar. 

(OT) You ought to work for BEA for a while - their jar is 38Mb ;)

> In Cocoon there
> are the core files, the servlet compatibility files, the CLI
> compatibility files,

CLI: 25432 bytes
Servlet: 36325 bytes

Do you *really* feel that these are candidates for separation?
(I don't feel comfortable imagining myriads (>5) of small (~10-30Kb)

> and hundreds of components.

Possible candidates here are:

POI serializer: ~160Kb
XSP: ~130Kb

The rest is either really small or belongs to the core.

> The fact that we as a community are thriving is excellent.  However,
> a
> project, Cocoon is feeling quite heavy.  Esp. since there are features
> in
> Cocoon that not everyone needs.  I proposed this a while back, but I
> going to propose it again.
> We should split Cocoon into core development and component development
> efforts, much like Avalon does with Framework and Excalibur.  That
> allow the components to be packaged in jars that serve a similar
> purpose.
> Things like all the database related components should be in their own
> mini-project.

I do not have anything against database stuff in separate jar. 

> Each mini-project has its own documentation, and its own
> life.  It also allows each mini-project to determine whether it is
> for prime-time or not.  At every release, the core cocoon does not
> to worry about which components it has to move into scratchpad.  Also
> each set of components has a little focused mini-community so the docs
> get upgraded in a focused manner.
> I have already seen the benefits of how this works in Excalibur--now
> that we are going through systematically.
> When I am generating a site, I don't want to have to include the
> components or the DB and auth components.  Those don't need to be
> for the site.
> Keep in mind that the mini-projects are all part of the cocoon
> and they foster functioning communities within the larger Cocoon
> community, not detract from it.

What do you think about Cocoon applications subprojects, proposed here


> "They that give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
>  deserve neither liberty nor safety."
>                 - Benjamin Franklin

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