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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: Avalon-related slowdown ? (was Re: Performance problem XSP after April 20)
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2002 13:22:34 GMT
> From: Sylvain Wallez [] 
>slows down Cocoon from 8% (dynamic page) to something around 20% (page 
>from cache).

Wow ! That's really bad :(

Is the new container in Avalon faster ? Do we need to plan the switch to

this new container in 2.1 ?

Berin, can you please answer this question ?

Actually yes there is!  I even wrote it, with the help of my fellow
Avaloners.  Fortress is the name of the new higher performance
On tests Fortress is at least 15 times as fast (1500% faster) than
ECM.  It also has some experimental support for lifecycle extensions.

Work is continuing on it, we are trying to fit in some of the more
robust meta-info facilities from Merlin, because Avalon is trying to
standardize on one way of expressing meta-information.

Currently, Fortress should be considered an almost defacto standard
replacment for ECM.  It supports Poolable, Factory, ThreadSafe, and
a new default: PerThread component lifestyles.

The RoleManager markup is slightly different, and all components are
at a root level.  It gives us the flexibility of grabbing a default
component directly, or going through the selector.  If you want more
info, let me know.  The URL is here:

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