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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: Performance of XSLTC
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2002 12:34:19 GMT
> From: TREGAN Fabien [] 
> I have a pipeline with 1 generator, 1 castor (non cachable) 
> transformer, 2 xsl transformation and 1 xml serialization. I 
> tryed to run it with both xalan and xsltc, and the benefit 
> (mesured by JMeter with 5 and 50 concurrent
> threads) gave me a around 10% gain on the whole pipeline 
> (that is less than 15% for the transformation, since the xslt 
> transformer take nearly all the time).
> Did you really have a 50% benefit ?

No, that was a theoretical number to help you conduct the
testing.  Also keep in mind that the more accurate and important
number is associated with the processing time on the server, so
that we don't have network affects in the number (not uncommon).

Also, keep in mind that expressing your XSLT differently to
do the same thing has a tremendous affect on the performance of
the stylesheet.  If your stylesheets are innefficient, you probably
won't see much of a difference between them.

The Cocoon log files will have the processing times (Log level INFO).
You can also append a parameter like this:

That will append the processing time in a <p> tag.  If you use the
value "hide" it will append the processing time in an HTML comment.
Double-check the docs for the exact name of the show-time parameter.

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