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From "Berin Loritsch" <>
Subject RE: Performance of XSLTC
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2002 22:54:23 GMT
> From: Reinhard Poetz [] 
> Hi,
> Today I tried to find out how much faster XSLTC compared to 
> Xalan is. My
> result: there is hardly any difference in performance (maybe 
> XSLTC is slightly faster).
> My test case:
> -------------
> I used a pipline with two xslt transformation steps. The 
> first time I used the standard transformer (XSLTC) and then I 
> changed the type to "xalan". I'm using Cocoon2.1dev - checked 
> it out today.
> I got the results (measurements) from the profiler.
> I know that this was not a valid test series and only a first 
> impression - but ...
> ... now I have some questions:
> ------------------------------
> - Am I doing something wrong?
> - Do I have to make a real load test to get a difference in 
> performance?
> - Did anybody get other/similar results?

For testing the performance differences between the implementations,
you must not mix and match implementations.  It should be all
Xalan or all XSLTC.  Also, it is very important to TURN OFF CACHING!!!
You will not be measuring differences in the transformation engines
if caching is on.

With two identical pipelines, with the exception of XSLTC vs. Xalan,
measure the time it takes for the whole request.  The difference
between the times will be the result you are looking for.

Do average 10 samples, dropping the high and the low samples.  That
will help you determine the real speed difference.


A) G->Tc->S
B) G->Tx->S

If pipeline A is 30ms and pipeline B is 60ms on average, then the
benefit of using XSLTC is 50%

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